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C o m p o s i t i o n

Music for memories, film, thinking, meditation, the concert hall, headphones, heartbreak, love, video games, water, your pets, sleeping, nothing, everything, somewhere and nowhere.

Hazel Colored nebula cover-1

Hazel Colored Nebula

ASCAP Morton Gould 2015 Winning piece about the similarities between irises and interstellar gas clouds.
Piano + Electronics


Deep Breath(1)

Deep Breath

My first contribution to the UMW composer's ensemble; it is the voice through which a suicide note is read.
4 hands piano, spoken word, accordion, upright bass suspended cymbal.

outrunning our last sunset + cover-01

Outrunning Our Last Sunset
(Suicide Note of A Shoreline)

This piece is a sea's attempt to elongate her time with her shoreline.
Concert band

Blossoming cover (print)-1


Blossoming is an optimistic view of burial as not just a body’s expiration, but as a new beginning: A start not just for a human and their afterlife, but also for animals, plants, and fungi.
Banjo, Harp, Piano, Bass, Percussion, E. Guitar, Trumpet, Euphonium, Flute, Soprano



For piano, Soprano and Laptop.
This piece is the 3-dimensional projection of watercolor brush strokes
Piano, Soprano, Electronics



Who Will Find You, Hollowed
(a sullen cloud staring down with regret)

Who Will Find You, Hollowed (a sullen cloud staring down with regret) paints a suicide and the clouds that fleet out of our bodies when we decease.

It contours the regret a cloud feels watching their family find its corpse, raining to say sorry.
Extended Glock, Piano, Tape Deck, 2x Ac. Guitars, 2x Upright Basses, Electronics, Kalimba, Aux.


Memory Aberration
(Misty Gradient Between Them)

Memory Aberration examines the shape and edges of memories as a physical phenomenon.
This piece aims to portray the nebulosity of human memory and the methods they take in deteriorating.
Piano (or Vibraphone), 2x E. Guitar, Amp. Upright Bass, Violin, Cymbal